Our Purpose:

To achieve the highest level of health and wellbeing for kangaroos, the environments in which they live and First Nations communities with cultural responsibilities to care for Country.

We work with communities and traditional owners to achieve self-determination and provide industry partners with opportunities to establish new standards based on ancient sustainability practices. (Drones/ A.I. – land care and management aligned with traditional owners’ knowledge of the Country to which they belong)

Our Focus Areas:

  1. Strengthening the resilience of our communities, our country, and species endemic to Australia
  2. Providing Australia and the world with high-quality kangaroo products that are culturally authorised, ethically sourced, wanted and used.
  3. Ensuring a sustainable and secure future for our animals, families, and our regions.
  4. Building regionally networked national and international coalitions committed to Indigenous-led animal welfare initiatives and supply chains.
  5. Ensuring Indigenous voices are respected, heard, and responded to.

  6. Facilitating cultural determinants of health and wellbeing – Healthy Country, Healthy Animals, Healthy People.
  7. Growing and transforming our service delivery models through emerging technologies, Indigenous science, and industry partnerships.